March 04, 2024

Introducing Accelerate’s Quarterly Research Note

By: Accelerate

Accelerate is excited to share our first Quarterly Research Note — a research brief that summarizes what we know, what we’re learning, and what we still need to learn about personalized learning initiatives, including high-dosage tutoring. Through our partnerships with practitioners, tutoring providers, and researchers, Accelerate has a unique perspective on the ways in which tutoring is being implemented at the local district level and in school settings.  

The Quarterly Research Note will provide a forum for Accelerate to share those learnings, present current evidence on the design, implementation, and impact of tutoring programs and practices from our grantee portfolio; promote an ongoing dialogue among key stakeholders on important questions in the tutoring field; and offer thought leadership to the field around ongoing and developing research evidence on effective tutoring programs and practices.

The most recent body of learning recovery data continues to show that high-dosage tutoring is the most effective intervention to help reverse pandemic-era learning loss and close achievement gaps. By sharing lessons learned in these Quarterly Research Notes, we aim to bridge the gap between research and program implementation to inform the dialogue around current best practices.

Our first Quarterly Research Note shares a roundup of high-quality research in five areas:

  1. Expanding the pool of tutors
  2. Supporting tutor training and development 
  3. Establishing the school conditions for successful tutoring implementation 
  4. The critical role of tutoring dosage 
  5. The promise of virtual tutoring

In future Quarterly Research Notes, we will share findings from new and ongoing research studies on how the impact of tutoring differs across grades, subjects, and the dosage of tutoring received. We will also present new analyses and novel evidence on the efficiency of tutoring that resulted from Accelerate’s funding support and technical assistance — specifically, how the tutoring dosage required to generate additional student learning varies across tutoring programs/providers and educational settings.

All of this is part of building a knowledge base around high-dosage tutoring for the long haul. If we can do it right, we can take on the urgent work of catching students up and supporting their learning over the long term.


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